Monday, September 7, 2009

China's Real Estate Part II

Over the past 25 years China has experienced a tremendous amount of change. In the early 1980’s the communist government gave its citizens the right to start their own businesses. This capitalistic initiative was the beginning of the raging Chinese economy that the world has come to know. Over the past two decades, China has produced a multitude of success stories, as many of its citizens have risen to an elite social level and thus defining a new status – the Chinese Upper Class. Although most of the world quietly waits the end of the current financial crisis, China seems to be the one country where luxury brands are still performing well. This week’s edition will continue on the topic of Chinese real estate by giving an inside look into China’s most expensive residential development…Sheshan's Sede Bella project.

Built on a private island bordering the 13th, 14th, and 15th holes of Sheshan Golf Club, Sede Bella features twenty uniquely designed mansions each constructed with one of the following four architectural designs: Tuscan Enchantment, French Romance, Spanish Passion, or Italian Nobility. Accessible only by bridge, Sede Bella is a truly a one of a kind development in China and seeks to provide the ultimate combination of island and golf course living.

The average size of each of these villas is 13,000 square feet and carries an average price tag of $15 million dollars. Although this might seem like an expensive price to pay, it is the top in Chinese real estate and for the elite few who are able to purchase one of these properties, the ultimate symbol of Chinese status and wealth.

So why has the real estate market in China developed into one of the world's fastest growing markets? You may be unaware that for many years, tough visa restrictions have always plagued Mainland Chinese from traveling outside of China. As many Chinese began to accumulate wealth, they needed a place within China to invest their money hence spurring a recent boom in luxury Chinese real estate.

Interesting enough, Sheshan Golf Club, home to the Sede Bella project, is just two months away from hosting Asia’s largest golf tournament, the HSBC Champions. With Tiger Wood’s attendance already confirmed, any idea which Shanghai hotel will be graced by the presence of the World #1? It won’t be the Ritz Carlton or Grand Hyatt. Tiger will be staying in one of the "French Romance" designed mansions during his time in Shanghai, I guess just another perk for being the best golfer in the world.

Here’s a breakdown of the pics, enjoy!

#1 - Scale model of the private island overlooking all 20 mansions

#2 - 150:1 scale model of one of the mansions

#3 - One of the mansion overlooking the golf course, built in the "French Romance" design

#4 - Another look at one of the island's beautiful homes

#5 - Playing golf at Sheshan's Tiger's mansion serves as a good aiming spot for this tee shot!

#6 - One of my favorite designed mansions, this house features some amazing design concepts


  1. Funny--I read about this same place in a book this week about global energy and about China's amazing growth in recent years.

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